Beat Me..

I’m not gonna beat you with my fisted where bruises only last a few days. I’m going to beat you with my words that linger in your heart and mind for ever. I’m gonna call you bitches and hoes. I’m gonna call you fat and sloppy. I’m gonna tell you your body is ugly and nobody wants you but me and most of the time I don’t want too. I’m gonna make you not want to look in the mirror and when you do searching for what’s wrong with you. I’m gonna make you cry and I’m going to make you want to die. I’m not gonna show you love because you don’t deserve it. I’m gonna beat you every day with my words until I break. Once I break you I’m going to come and go as I please and I dare you to tell me that you’re not pleased. I don’t care about the tears in your eyes are is a stream down your face see you’re nothing to me but a bitch they can be replaced. So I won’t beat you with my fist I’ll just beat your mind and your heart until you have no self esteem left and I control your every thought.. And you will pray that I beat you with my fist..

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