I Cried

               I cried for my black brothers especially who are being gun down in 2016.. I cried as I watched his blood run from from his body until it became lifeless.. I cried when they told us to say his name Philando Castile.. I cried because saying his name doesn’t bring him back to his family.. I cried because into 2016 there should not be no color dividing a nation.. I cried because when I go pick my white grand son up from school I should not be looked at crazy.. I cried because as long as I have tried to live color blind.. I know no longer can.. I cried because racism is alive and doing very well in the form of prison system, our lack of jobs, our salaries, housing, education, and neighborhoods, and the list goes on and on.. I cried for the life I dream of the life Dr. Martin Luther King dream of  has yet to come to pass in the land of equality.. I cried for the stumbling blocks that the first black President of the United States has had to endure.. I cried for my biracial grand babies, my white grandson who sees me as just grandma.. I cried for a world that pushes Jesus more and more out of it.. I cried for the Christian that’s to weak to take a stand.. Yes I cried for me, for you, for a world divided by sin..                                                                 I CRIED..

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