Depression Is Not

Depression well what a ugly word.. but I have found out what depression is not? 

It’s not wanting to cry all day.. it’s not wanting to lay in bed all day staring at the wall.. it’s not wanting to not take a bath, wash your hair, brush your teeth or comb your hair.. it’s not wanting to stay locked up in your mind feeling no one cares.. it’s not wanting to lose interest in everything you have ever loved.. it’s not wanting to watch life pass you by and you can’t stop it.. it’s not wanting to shut everyone out.. it’s not wanting to isolate yourself from everyone and thing.. it’s not wanting to feel like God has forgotten’s not wanting to die but living seems to hard to’s not wanting to leave your love ones but all you can see is the burden you have become.. it’s not wanting to hear people say that you don’t have faith in God when you know it’s the little bit of faith you do have that your holding on too..

Depression is not wanting to be depressed it’s wanting your life back..



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