A Prayer

imageHeavenly Father,

First we come to Your throne of grace begging You to forgive us of our sins.. We come to You with our heads bowed nothing worthy to stand in Your Holy presence it’s is only through the blood of Jesus that we come before You with heavy hearts..

There is so much I need to thank You  for .. thank You for holding my hand all day long.. thank You for my being,mind, my body, aches and pains..thanks for keeping us safe all day long.. thank You for the air we take for granted..thank You that even though we live in a fallen world.. We don’t serve a fallen God..thank You that You set high and look low into the heart of man.. thank You that You chose us before the world was formed that You knew us in our mothers belly.. thank You that You have plans for each and every one of us and Your plans are prefect.. thank You even though it seems like chaos is all over the world to the point we don’t feel safe to be a leave our homes we fear for our black men especially..we know that the fear we have is not from You because You said perfect love cast out fear and that You have not given us the spirit of fear but of peace, love and sound mind.. thank You Jesus with all this going on You tell us is there anything to hard for God.. thank You Jesus that You have given us power over the enemy and You told us no weapon from against will prosper..

Father Jesus we (I) cry out You alone to help us, me.. I don’t know what to do I know You are have healed me and it will manifest on this side soon and until then give me the strength to hold.. Father help us this country to turn from our wicked ways so that You will heal our land.. Father we are desperate to hear from You.. Father my spirit cries out You for every abuse boy and girl all over this world, every wrongful convicted man and woman serving time, it cries out for the elderly who are being abused, Father it cries out for the men and women in far we countries who have never known peace, who are being forced from their homes, their land.. Father it cries for You to rescue us.. Jesus I know that The Father hears our prayers and that You Jesus make pleads for us daily.. daily interceding on our behalf..

Come quickly Lord Jesus!!


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