Every trail in life is away for God to reveal His self to you in different ways..

Everybody in the Bible that God used went through trails and tribulations.. it’s not always gonna be easy to go through the process of following Gods plans for your life because Satan is right there to throw stumbling blocks and even make you doubt God..

Im looking out to what seems to be a beautiful day.. I see the bees are still out flying around my bush well it’s more like a tree.. I see the wind is blowing ever so gently and the sky is blue and the sun is shining.. looks like a great day for sitting on the porch with a nice cup of coffee.. the neighbors next door are working on their house it’s a bed and breakfast their not very friendly.. are maybe it’s me who knows.. this a beautiful morning but I still face the trail of how I’m gonna appreciate it.. will I be strong enough to step outside or will I retreat back to my bed and let it pass me by.. see I not only suffer from chronic depression but I also suffer from seasonal depression and I can feel it coming is that not crazy.. you think chronic depression would be enough but I guess not.. oh well what you gonna do?

You gonna praise God in the midst of the trail.. you gonna tell Him I can’t do this in my own strength I need Your strength Jesus that You left with me.. Your gonna face your trail one second at a time.. don’t worry about getting through the day just focus on the second..we all go through trails and hard times and we focus too much on the day.. Focus on the second because that’s all we really have here is a second!!

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