The Privilege of Silence in the Persistence of Trauma

Smuggling Grace


[Public Domain Image]

As we head toward the weekend, our nation is reeling from the challenging events of the last few days. Our week began with explosive devices in New York and New Jersey, and then, a suspect was detained. It continued with the news that three black people have been killed by police officers — Tyree King, thirteen years old; Terence Crutcher, father of four; and Keith Lamont Scott, father of seven. We are ending our week with mass protests and reports of rioting.

Many of us feel fear and anger. . .
Many of us long for real solutions. . .
Some of us are afraid of our own feelings.

And ultimately, this is problematic.
Black lives matter more than white feelings.

In the face of racism and state violence, there are more than enough temptations for white people to remain silent. Sometimes, we are afraid of saying the wrong thing and…

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