A tribute to grandma



I feel no one wants to be called grandma. They say it makes them feel too old..well I became a grandma at forty three with my first grandson and now I have two more.. It really my oldest grandson Kohen chose the name for me because he said I already have a nana.. He was three at time.. The more I thought about it the more I liked it..

I thought of my grandma who is in heaven now.. I thought about how much love she had for us..how special she made feel us.. I thought about how she was not just my grandma but she was who I called when I was sick..she was who I called when I was sad..she was the one I called when I was happy or something was going on at work..I shared every happy and sad moment with her..and no matter how bad I felt all she had to say was baby it’s gonna be okay..Baby it’s gonna be okay got me through some of the hardest times of my life..

I remember the families going to grandma every Sunday..my grandma had ten children and of course they had children so we all gathered at grandma and granddad..but with granddad already in heaven..we gathered with grandma listening to history of Washington, her story of racism and how she grow up being the only child but having lots of cousins so she didn’t feel like and only child.. I used to love to listen to her stories.. you never think that one day all the stories and love will be gonna..I miss most the phone calls everyday if it was only for a few minutes..I miss my best friend not only to me but all her grandchildren..

I hope that my grandchildren will remember me the way I remember my grandma..with love as a best friend, as someone that’s always gonna listen too them..I hope they will want gether at my house on Sunday and listen to my stories and wisdom..
To me their is no greater name than Grandma..I still miss her everyday and I still grieve for her..she was my everything!!

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