I am Her, She is Me

imageI think about her often strong, opinionated, and full of attitude.. I think about as she got pulled over.. She is like I would have been.. What the freak?? I feel my attitude would have been.. I feel my attitude would been.. What’s the problem officer?? You say failure to signal..well give me my ticket and let me be on my way..Don’t get me wrong I respect the police as I’m sure she did..but I don’t have any respect for racism of any form..So yea I would have gotten an attitude and probably a little pissed..I’m riding in my car on my way to my dream job..now I’m being pulled over instead of given a ticket ask to step out the car for what reason and then furthermore I’m being taken to jail..this can’t be real, this is not happening to me..Instead I will be held in jail when I should have been released on my recognizance..How can this be happening to me..I am strong black woman, with an education on my way to my dream job, my life was going great this must be a bad dream..So tell me how someone like me could all of a sudden decide I’ve had enough and committ sucide..It just doesn’t add up to me..

Yes I am Sandra Bland..A life taken too soon..My heart breaks for her, for her family, for what she probably went through before she took her last breath was taken from her..My heart breaks for all the black men and women who life has been cut short for no reason at all except being black.. I am Her, She is Me we both share the same skin..When will it stop?? I don’t know all I know is I fear for myself, my children, my grandchildren, for black men and women every where.. I am Her, She is Me for she can no longer speak for herself..So we must never forget to say her name, their names..l am Her, She is Me.. I am SANDRA BLAND..


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