The Promise

We stood before God and our friends and we promised to love each other forever.. I felt like Rachel finally being presented to her Boaz.. Its was the happiest day of our lives..just a simple wedding with a few friends and minster.. reception was simple yet elegant.. We were both glad when it end..We had saved to go the Bahamas.. when we arrived it was breathtaking the bluest water I’d ever seen..We checked into our room everything was beautiful the bed , the ocean breeze, and the bathroom a tub built for two ..

I remember eating dinner..dancing and drinking wine just the two of us alone at last.. I remember we showered together and kissing his lips..I remember rubbing soap on his hairy chest.. I remember how chocolate he look too me..dark as night with shiney white teeth..with a strong hard he wasn’t built like the Rock but his body was strong from work and living..after we dry off, he pulls me close to examine my body at first I resist because I feel shame I’m not a size ten more like a fourteen..He looks me in my eyes and say no shame baby I chose you to be my queen..every mark on you is a beauty mark for me to kiss and to love..I have never felt love like this before complete and whole.. He loves my flaws as I love his and he makes me feel beautiful.. He leads to the bed our faces face each other and we begin to kiss his tongue finds mine and it feels so good, I take my hand and I trace his lips, his nose, I run my hands over his chest, over his nipples, my hands explore his body and we kiss again..this time he explores my body every touch of his hand excites me..I am ready for my best friend, my lover, my husband forever my king to take so we can become one..I think about how we decide to wait the whole time we were dating even though we weren’t for two years we took a lot cold showers..we just wanted our marriage to be centered all around God.. so we pray together for strength, for our marriage, that God would show us areas we needed to work on before we said I do..Don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer that God created sex to be enjoyed by a husband and wife and did we enjoy it..but beyond that I think of him holding me tight and laying my head on his chest, feeling his nakedness and being driven by desire for just one man, feeling him in me as our finger intertwine as everything thing about us become one as we both exhale with madness..imageWe lay their catching our breath exhausted from lovemaking..we take a hot shower, dress and retreat to our private beach.. relaxing in the sun and I look at my husband, my King and my heart is filled with so much love.. I like I have loved him he makes plans for our future.. all I can do is smile and agree..just the touch of his hand send chills down my body.. as we walk along the beach I didn’t think it was possible to give myself completely to someone without we spread our blanket and I lay my head on his chest.. I think can this be real..I am completely lost by his touch, his lips , mouth, his hands all over my body .. I want nothing more than him inside me, burying himself deep inside me until I can take no more as we both go over the edge that only we can take each other too..Can this be real..

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