The Promise Broken


Can this be real.. as we return to Atlanta back to reality of the heat and traffic.. we drive up to the house.. our dream house too us anyway.. four bedroom, three bathrooms, upstairs laundry and a powder room ,formal dining room, my dream kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, living room, family room and of course his man cave in the basement with, in law suite and three car garage in Marietta Ga.. I guess I should introduce us.. I am a psychiatrist and my king is a architect..we have a five year plan to before we start a family..  and I can cut my hours back at my office too part time..

I think often about having our little family.. a son just like my king dark as night, board chest with long legs and muscular arms and back strong yet so caring not only to me but those around us and hands that are so loving and gentle.. and a daughter to be his little princess..I love my king from the top of his head to the sole of his feet.. I love his Mandingo and how it makes me feel.. I love that nights I feel so safe in his arms and how he wakes me up in the morning deep inside my body clings to his and I’m calling his name in his ear as he moves his mouth to my nipple as I continue to meet his thrust as I feel myself losing it.. I’m gone and he’s right there with me.. I think to myself I could stay like this forever..I love our Saturday morning when we’re not rushing out the door..just laying next to each other as one..I tell my king I have to get up and shower and of course he said I’ll join you.. I love the rainfall shower head as well as the shower seat..what start out as a shower before breakfast in up being another session of steamy love making after we finial manage to keep our hands off each other and we dry off and brush our teeth.. as I look in the mirror at what I call my imperfections on my face.. I reach for my make up but my king stops me and say I told you beauty should never be covered up my queen..that’s why I love him so deeply because he sees into my soul..we dress and go downstairs to cook breakfast but I’m not in the mood to my king and I decide to go out to eat..we are driving and talking about taking in a movie later.. I don’t know what happened but out of no where comes a truck.. we’re hit on my king side .. the mercedes spins around and hits a pole..we are rushed to the hospital..I wake up in pain I have a gash in my head and I’m hooked up to IVs my parents are here and so is my king  parents and I’m thinking I got the worse of the accident but where is my king.. can this be real..I search the room looking for my king..I try to speak but nothing comes out.. I try again my mom holds my hand..I say where is my king .. where is my king.. how bad is he.. I look at my mom, at his parents please just tell me how bad is my king..and I here just rest for now baby..I need to know about my king, my love..please momma I say and they all come close and his mother takes my hand also but his father speaks.. he didn’t make it..I hear it but its muffled, it can’t be true not my king.. I look at my mom in her eyes searching them and I hear say baby I’m so sorry but I can’t focus.. can this be real..

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