I think about my grand babies as they lay sleeping..I think when they get older will I have the same talk with them as I had with their father.. will have to tell them when the police stop you..don’t make any sudden movements.. be respectful and stay calm.. I think will all lives matter still except black lives..I think will we still be hagtagging and chanting say their name..I think will the prison system still be loaded with young black men due to an unfair justice system..I will footballers still be taking a knee doing the national anthem are will it have been changed to include everyone..I think will they be safe at school are will some senseless person come and destroy or take their innocence..I think about will they grow up in a world so full of hate for every race but the white race..I think about will they be free to walk the streets without ever hearing the words stop and frisk.. I think will they be truly free to be black in America..

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