My Provider..

imageThere is so much gloom in the world..and when you’re struggling with depression that’s all you focus on..but this morning I began to focus on God and His Holy Spirit fell on me and I began to praise Him in my living room maybe I shouldn’t even say it fell on me because it’s living in let me say it was awakened in me..and I began to praise God for what He has already done..He has provide for me time after time..He has stood by my side even when I turned my back on Him..He shows me favor day in and matter how many times I fall He picks me up again..I praise Him cause I’m still here..and you know what He God chose me..He chose us to love Him and follow Him..I just want you to know that God is a God of love, mercy and grace..and He gives up strength to make it through our darkest days..

2 thoughts on “My Provider..

  1. Praise God for your strength sis. I been feeling a little blue today. One of my doctors was rude to me and hung up the phone on me. Usually when that happens I shrug it off maybe say something sassy and keep on trucking but this morning I went to my charge nurse and received no sympathy so I cried. I’m so glad no one knows I cried because they would have just made my life a living hell because nurses can’t cry. Been pondering on this feeling and I wonder if what I’m feeling is just home sickness. I love my family and friends and I have a nice life but it’s not home. So I press on, through the good bad and in between until the day that God says I can come home 😊

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    1. Awe sweetie.. I know first hand hard this life can be .. It can knock you down and keep you there if we let it.. I use to fight to stay here for my grandchildren cause God knows they need me 😂😂😂.. but now I fight for me and to have some kind of quality of life ..and I know that God will give me strength don’t get me wrong..I have my days when I feel the world 🌎 is caving in on me and days I don’t face the day until I have too..I guess what I’m saying is we all have are day or days but like you said one day it will all be over..and none of this will matter..I pray that you have a goodnight and it’s gonna be okay..sorry for your homesick too..maybe you can go home for the holidays..God bless you!!

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