Cloudy Days,

Cloudy days is what I call them.. when the sun is shining but the sky is gray.. when you’re feeling blue and you don’t know why.. you try hard to keep it at bay but you feel it creeping in minute by try hard to stay in the moment but you feel yourself slipping away..back into the darkness of your don’t want to go there but you have no choice..they say the medicine should keep the demons away but the pills don’t really work and sometimes it seem like the demons sneak in at matter how hard I try to keep them locked’s like darkness covers my mind..and I recede to the safe place of my hide away from the world.. that I can’t seem to face.. they say it’s me that I don’t have enough faith in God.. I think to myself I pray, believe and trust in God..but nothing has changed.. when I pray with everything that I have for God to please take it away.. am I to believe that God is not listening to me.. no I refuse to believe that a loving and forgiving God that one day will have mercy on me.. No I hold tight to what I have read and what I Jesus casted demons out them one day He will cast them out of me..

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