imageI wish there was someway to just shut everything when we were easy it was to shut our mind off..but now there is so much going on in the world..that my mind races from one thought to the next.. every thing is out here now, and there is no shut off knob..I can watch everything from someone giving life to someone taking life on my phone..No matter how bad I want it to go away.. I can’t shut off the world we now live in..I can’t get out of my mind a man being in jail begging for a drink of water or telling you that he can not breathe and yet his plead for help falls on deaf ears..I can’t shut off his cries in my mind..I don’t understand how my brothers and sisters in Haiti are it is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and yet we sit back and do nothing..I can’t shut it off knowing there are dying men, women and children facing one disaster after another.. I can’t shut off that the richest country in the world has people living in inner cities like  third world countries..I can’t shut off how the government can not afford to give everyone free health care..I can’t shut off how we can have lead in water in Flint, Michigan and no one is held accountable..I can’t shut off how our next President could be Donald Trump..some say Hillary is the lesser of the two evils.. I will take her any day over a known bigot and womanizer..I can’t shut off my mind maybe because I chose to handle everything in my own strength..maybe the whole key to shutting my mind off is by releasing everything to the ONE who created the mind.. I can’t shut off my mind but God has promised to be everything I need..I can’t shut off my mind but I’m connected to the ONE who holds the switch..

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