Side Porch

imageI was going to retreat to my bedroom as I feel a headache coming on.. but I decided to sit out on the porch and listen to the birds .. chirp about whatever birds chirp’s weird I don’t have a front porch.. I have a side porch that looks onto my neighbors front porch.. I plan to take my side porch all around to the front door but right now everything is a waiting game..I think about all this porch must hold for my house is over sixty years old..I’m sure at one time this was an all white neighborhood..but what does that matter house is black and white..I thinking of white and black made me miss my friend from Thailand..Her name is Hannah and she had the most beautiful smile.. We met at work.. I would see her smile everyday and then one day; she came in and was crying so I had to found out what was wrong with the girl with the smile.. I go back there and ask her and she say my friend, he died.. so all I could do was kiss her on top of the head and say I’m sorry..and from then on we became good friends and I miss her friendship because she was a great cook and she was true and innocence of a good friend.. but now she lives in California with her husband and daughter.. I am so thankful that I got know her as my friend..I am sitting on the porch to relax and clear my mind but I think I am just really missing my friends the ones I shared my feelings with and hung out with.. Now I feel like I have no one to hang out with because I don’t.. I think God is this all there is for me, sit home alone and wait to spend time with the grandchildren.. I know that there is more to life than what I’m getting out of it.. I guess I gotta make new friends or continue at this road I’m on..Right now I spend a lot of time focusing how much my life has changed and what can I do now to make it better.. So what can I do ?? I think the picture up top you will see her when I analyze myself.. and maybe soon I will learn to put one in the middle for dramatic effect..Well I guess the side porch served its purpose, it gave me a break from politics, and laying down..the breeze feels good and it did give a chance to clear my mind..


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