imageI wish my life was more interesting so I could share with you.. how exciting my day was but it wasn’t the most exciting thing I did was go to the freakin DMV..of course there was this fine looking Hispanic stand behind me.. we made a little small talk .. but that was now I’m sitting here in the living room watching my daughter make wig and tell me about her day.. which really consist of her best friend and his day or night.. which to me is really a lot of blah, blah, blah and blah.. I sit here wishing I had a friend girl that like jazz so we could hit a club in Greenville but I have no one..and I don’t want to go by myself because the drive back hurts me and because people are we all need to travel in groups or stay I guess I’ll just stay home and think of my fantasy date what I would be during.. I guess I would be doing my hair and putting on make up..then I would pick out a nice pair of sexy blue jeans because I love jeans..fine me a little sexy off the shoulder top.. and I think a nice pair of wedges..Oh  let me back up because I forgot to wash Miss.Patty and put on a mixture of sexiness.. I love purple so I think I will have purple bra and that I included a shower before dressing I can continue on with my fantasy.. so I call the guy I met at DMV .. we’ll call him fine but let’s give him the name Chase.. so we decide to meet up at the jazz club for dinner and drinks.. well just a pepsi for me and him no drinking and anyway we have nice dinner the music is on point..and the date was good.. Chase walks me to my car and of course I have to taste those lips..and they taste great!! He calls to make sure I got home okay and we talk for hours about nothing and everything..we make plans to spend Sunday together watching football..Oh well what a good clean fantasy.. I do wish I had got a name and number for real..


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