Love Is

imageI talk to a friend and I told her to unburdened herself with her problems. She said Angy have ever love someone that you felt like you couldn’t live without him. I said I think we’ve all felt that kind of love. She said but Angy I don’t know if I’m coming or going. She said I did everything within my power to show him true love. Then I ask her a question. What is true love? She look at me and said when you give yourself completely to someone. So I ask what did you give him of yourself? She said I gave him my time, my energy, my attention, and my love. So again I say what is love? Angy, you know what love is ? I know God is love but from a man loving a woman I don’t know what that is. She said love to me is showing the love of God. She said I love is forgiveness, respect, honor, allowing him to take his place as leader in the relationship, to the man God called him to be the head and not the tail. So then I ask her how do you love yourself? See it’s amazing that we know how love others but we don’t know how to love ourselves. So I said tell one  physical thing you love about being you she said her laughter. One thing on her body she said her smile. One thing mentally she said her strength. One thing spiritual she said her faith.Some people go their whole lives giving love to others but not knowing how to love their self. So I told my friend, gurl it wasn’t you that did any thing wrong. You just gave your love to a man that was only supposed to be in your life temporarily. We let people come in our lives and rob us of our joy, our peace and most of all our love for ourselves. Then we are left with the what’s wrong with me syndrome ? When if we really look gurl, we will see it wasn’t us but them. I encouraged my friend to wait to be presented as the gift that she is.

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