Doctors Problems

imageAs you know I am a blogger now.. I have new found freedom to express my feelings.. so now I am speaking on my chronic back pain.. I have been to all kinds of doctors.. I am now at my second pain clinic.. why I don’t know.. but my pain is serious and I suffer everyday.. I know there is an epidemic of opioids addiction which I have never suffered from but yet I have not been prescribed nothing stronger than Ibuprofen why is this ? I look at my doctors and I said maybe it’s because their white.. and their not as concerned with blacks patients as they are with whites patients and I was told that by a white doctor.. so now I am always skeptical of my treatment..and now that I am being treated like a drug addicted.. I’m real skeptical.. I was told that nothing has changed in my back in 3 yrs .. I can’t understand why we are still looking at a 3 yr old MRI ? When I am telling them that my back is getting worse..that my daily activities are limited. I have trouble standing and sitting for long periods of time.. I sleep a certain way at night. I can not lay on my back and the list goes on and on.. I have yet to find a doctor that is willing to get to the root of the problem.. I have had injections in my back that didn’t work.. Oh before I go further that doesn’t help with my depression it just makes it worse.. all I want to do is get better.. as to date I have three handsome grandson that I plan on living a long time for..but what is the suffering to do? I think about the ones that don’t have a great support system like me.. I think about the ones that still suffer to work..I think about the ones that suffer because they don’t have no one to defend them.. I think the ones of us who suffer because we put our trust in doctors believing they will listen to us and help us get well..we suffer at the hands of the ones that have taken an oath to treat us all the same but fell to do so.. I know that I am not alone in my pain and I know it’s not in my mind.. I remember my kids pediatrician his name was Dr.Lee and I have never met a doctor like him that treated all his patients the same..a true doctor who cared for every child the same.. I do believe those doctors still exist.. I have too believe that..that our suffering will not go in vain..I have to believe that healing is gonna come on this side not only for me but for others as well.. I will be back with documented facts but today these are just my feelings..

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