A Woman’s Cry

imageI am a believer in Christ. I consider myself the free spirit. I think I would have been a clean drug free hippie but free to love everyone like I am today..Yea I believe I am a free spirit when it comes to love but at the same time I am not blind to the world around me.. Which I guess you say what does this have to do with a woman’s cry.. Well I consider myself to have or had a vast or different races of close friends from caucasian to oriental and El Salvador ( Hispanic).. We are all different but yet the same.. we cry the same tears and we long for the same affection.. to find a true love to call our on..and when we think we’ve found it and it turns out to be everything but true.. a woman  cries the same tears..of course their are the ones that say they don’t need a man.. but I will never believe that because  Adam wanted a companion of his own.. He had the ultimate relationship with God.. So I know there is a great need for love and companionship.. I also know that a woman’s cry is the same.. We cry for our one true love to love us as hard as we love them.. We cry to be held in the middle of the night.. A woman cries for the closeness that only two people can share.. A woman cries when she has invested all our time and energy into the true love only to hear this is not working for him.. A woman’s cry is not just any cry it is a cry from her very soul that can be felt and experienced by other women who have never met her. Woman experience the shedding of tears an expression of distress and pain.. She look hard in her soul searching for the reason why she is not lovable.. What is missing in her that he is looking for? A woman cries for the reason that she can’t comprehend as to why she is only  good enough for him to  just play house with and not commit to forever. A woman’s cries is the tears that follow from a broken heart. It is the love given so freely to someone that all you ask in return is for to love you back. It is the life that was built with someone only to always be guessing does he love me. A woman cries is she  pretty enough, sexy enough , is she enough. A woman cries to be held by her husband to be made to feel safe in his arms. A woman cries to have a date night because she wants all your attention and love to herself. It’s a distinct cry of a woman who say I’ve given it all I got and I’m still empty inside. It’s the cry of loving until you’re barely holding on to you. It’s a woman’s cry who finally finds her voice to say, you don’t get to reap the benefits of what you walked away from because you made your choice to walk away. So every time she allows you to come around. She is saying she deserved the way you treated her; and it wasn’t okay. It was wrong, you were wrong. It’s a woman’s cry that   keeps her awake at night thinking. Why is she crying? It’s woman’s cry that will usually goes unheard by the one she loves but will heard and felt by women around the world. A woman’s cry! 

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