imageWell I’m a firm believer that when you go out you should always be prepared in case you see someone or met someone.. well that wasn’t the case for hmm let’s say Lisa this morning..Lisa looks at life through the eyes of a twenty five to thirty year old.. and she sees the rainbow in the sky during the storm.. Lisa is the friend you want to have when the chips are down and you’re feeling blue.. Lisa sees the glass as always half full.. and life is one adventure after another.. Lisa walks out with a smile on her face ready to give it away to the stranger she meets.. Lisa is such a sweet person the girl who knows that life has its up and downs but that you can’t let life keep you down.. like a fighter you have to bob and weave to get through it.. Lisa knows that we all have our struggles but it is in the struggle we must persevere to come out on top.. Lisa knows that having a relationship with God is how she is able to see the vision for her life when no one else can.. Lisa knows that how precious our time here on earth is, not for us but to serve others.. Lisa is busy by looking for ways to improve upon every opportunity to make life better for the next generation.. Lisa knows that a great support system is the key to going through the darkness of life and coming out on top.. Lisa also knows that God did not put us here to live a life of isolation.. Lisa also knows that the election is not rigged if it was there would have never been a black President and definitely not two terms.. Lisa knows that true love comes only once in a lifetime, maybe twice if you blessed.. Yea Lisa knows a lot about life.. Lisa is a good friend to have in good times and bad.. I love Lisa no what I go through she has my back.. may God bless and keep her as she continues to prosper..


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