O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm136:1

Today was I thought a day of force.. I felt like I was forcing myself to do everything.. I had my Love Bugg so that made it easier to force myself to do things I need to do..                                                  Suffering or pain gives me a lot of excuses to just not..Just not !! I realized at 7:01 pm ..I wasn’t forcing myself to do anything, it was Jevoah’s mercy on me allowing me to exist and not myself.. It was His mercy that woke Love Bugg and I up, not me.. His Jehovah mercy gives me strength to not focus on myself but my Love Bugg making sure he was cared for.. When I think about the mercy of Jevoah God .. I am ashamed of myself, of my flesh for complaining and being weak.. I know my Father Jehovah knows I am weak but when I think of the people who are suffering all over the world.. I want to minimize my suffering which I know is wrong because people need to know there are people that live in chronic pain and depression that can not be seen on the outside but it exist.. So I know Jehovah has mercy on me because He formed me in my mothers womb.. So He knows I am weak and His baby.. I want to give you the definition of Mercy-compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within ones power to punish or harm.. So it is in Jehovah power to punish us and He does no sin goes unpunished but at the same time He Jehovah extends His mercy through His Son our Savior Jesus to save us and bring us back to repentance.. So I wasn’t forcing myself to try and have a normal day it was Jehovah God my Fathers mercy on me.. Endure -to bear with us .. So Jehovahs mercy, my Fathers mercy is enduring with us or me even when I’m felt like I was forcing myself to live.. I was really enduring the mercy of the Father Jehovah.. What I am saying is only when we are quiet and still listening to Jehovah God the Father can we really see it is not us at all but the hand of Jehovah the Fathers mercy enduring on our lives..To y’all in the Blogging World this my Love Bugg..



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