I Have Loved Him Forever

imageGurl, it’s me again just felt like letting go of some stuff.. you know how hard it is to find someone to listen to you without judgement.. so I’m glad I have a friend like you who just listen to me .. but anyway gurl, I wanted to talk about him.. you know the one I have loved forever..the one who I gave my heart too so many years ago.. I remember when I first met him I didn’t like him at all.. but by that summer he was the one I had loved forever.. the one that I wanted too spend the rest of my life.. be his wife and have his babies.. but gurl, you know life has away of changing things.. the one you had love forever .. may not see you as his love.. he may see you as just a good friend.. or more than a friend but not his forever love..so gurl what am I do to he’s my forever love.. but how am I too make him feel that I am his.. I said gurl, I don’t know.. I just know love is something that grows in the heart.. it can not be bought or made to be felt.. it’s something that is caring and giving and sneaks up on you.. love is something that you don’t plan for it just happens..So to all those forever loves don’t give up on love but if the one you have love forever is resisting it probably time to rethink maybe you only thought you have loved him forever..cause believe me forever love will be felt by two people who love each other.. not just one..

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