Same Old, Same Old

imageI was devastated to say the least when I heard Trump won President of the United State of America.. I really don’t know how I feel because it’s like my insides are numb.. I can only pray that God will protect us His children..

Moving on these last two days have sucked.. I had a doctor appointment Tuesday.. I am so tired of trying to convince doctors that I’m hurting.. it like every doctor say the same thing it’s not surgical.. well that doesn’t make the pain ago away.. it’s still here getting worse.. all I want is some relief at night so I can sleep.. Oh did I tell you my sleeping pill works when it wants too.. sometimes it makes a fool of me night after night.. no sleep makes an already depressed Angy.. worse..

I don’t know what to do I don’t have money for therapy anymore.. but I am still seeing the one who handles my medication.. I know I need someone to talk too.. that’s why is important I blog as often as I can.. if I have learned nothing else .. I have learned that you have to be your own advocate.. and you have to keep going until you find someone with the right answer.. no matter what they tell you don’t give up on You.. I’m one of the bless ones my son helps me all he can.. or I would be homeless.. but I think about the ones who have nobody.. to help them, who have lost everything.. even there hope for a better tomorrow.. I want to tell you I know how you feel.. but Jesus said he would never leave us or forsake us ( Hebrews 13:5).. even when we feel like we are all alone He is with us..

I have no new words to say about the doctors except.. I am disappointed in them.. I only pray that my depression medicine hasn’t stopped working.. because I feel that it has fail me to.. maybe I just need a good night sleep.

4 thoughts on “Same Old, Same Old

  1. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    I’m not sure what I hate most; doctors, pills, not sleeping, sleeping, others who say “are you sure something is wrong….you look fine to me”, not sleeping…….blah blah blah…..
    I too just need a good night’s sleep and maybe a million bucks! OOooo and mornings that start at 2pm.


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  2. I’m right there with you! Some times I can barely walk with this pain in my leg. Like right now. I’m laying here, typing away and dreading getting up to hobble to the bathroom. It’s only thirty steps but it feels like thirty miles.

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    1. I know the feeling and I hate that no one in the medical field cares.. I have to believe better days are coming for both of us.. stay strong my friend..

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