I locked the door.. so I don’t know how it happened .. I checked the windows too.. and they we’re locked too.. so I don’t know how it happened.. but somehow it crept in even though I double check the locks.. I look around to find the source of any opening..

Then I remember the night.. I packed your stuff.. I told you to get out.. that I didn’t want to see you anymore.. I told you to leave and don’t come back..

I know I didn’t mean it .. because I waited for your call.. I listen for the sound of your text.. but I heard no familiar sound.. I even listen for your knock.. hope by some chance you come by..but to no avail you were gone..

I had close the door to love and locked the windows of every opportunity of finding it.. the moment I locked the door on love.. Bitterness crept into my heart.. with no warning at all..

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