Nap Time 

One would think nap time would be after lunch like .. like it’s penciled in on my blog calendar.. but oh no, not today my living room looks like a tornado has gone through it.. and only one of them is walking.. but of course now they are sleeping like two little angels.. who would know by looking at them.. all I have been through today.. I don’t even wanna go in my living room.. who’s gonna clean it up.. but anyway here are the two partners in crime.. 

original me

11 thoughts on “Nap Time 

    1. That’s what I finally did.. it’s hard to get comfortable sometimes with the pain in my hip and legs.. but I wouldn’t trade my Love Babies for nothing..

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  1. I remember those days… I had four kids in four years, but my youngest is almost 30 now. Soon, you’ll turn around and the messy living room will be fond memories.

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    1. These are my grand babies 👶🏼.. barely a year apart.. I don’t know how you did it.. that’s why no matter how much pain I’m in I push through it.. for the memories..

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