Good Morning, Good Morning


I don’t know you all remember are not but I’m on my turning FIFTY tour in five months so I have been playing around with makeup which I have never wore before.. so here is my before picture up below .. and my now picture up top.. still learning ho to do it right.. YouTube and watching my daughter.. I am slowly learning how..

Enough of that.. Be blessed.. do what you can do.. and trust God with everything else.. never too old to start over.. even when you feel like giving up ,don’t find a reason to fight.. to live..

original me..


4 thoughts on “Good Morning, Good Morning

  1. I like that color of lipstick on you, but maybe something a little darker to compliment your skin tone? That’s advice from someone who hasn’t worn make-up in over a decade, so follow at your own peril. 🙂

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