4 thoughts on “Your Interpretation Is Needed

  1. Angy, what I was trying to say is that you were most assuredly raped and I don’t know what I would do in your situation. To be humiliated like that, to worry about your personal safety, to want to just run away and not tell your family is all understandable and probably what I would do too.

    But it festers, you might have been there at your own volition but you should not have been “kept” there and your wishes should have been followed. No MEANS NO! You’re in such a vulnerable position that you couldn’t act but that doesn’t make it right and you should not go back again….no matter what. Behavior of this type just gets worse the more you let it happen and it under minds your own feelings of self worth. You’ve evidently been fighting most of your life to keep yourself strong; keep fighting and avoid going into the same situation. There is a good chance that your physical safety will be violated, never mind the emotional trauma you’re experiencing.and probably will again if you see this man again.

    That you reached out is a good sign and if you can’t bring yourself to report this; well then don’t but just realize that this wasn’t caused by you….and you need to keep yourself safe. Hopefully this makes a little more sense now. As I said, I’m a friend ~~dru~~

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    1. I’m sorry but this much clearer for me my head is a fog right now.. I find myself trying to understand how could this happen to me.. and how I have allowed him to destroy my life.. and when I should have been done along time ago.. because I couldn’t let go look what has happened to me.. the realization that I keep going back and it has been nothing but hell.. depression, anxiety four the last going on now four years a life .. I gotta be done this.. I have no choice..

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