I no longer. . .

Let the weight go.. I love this..

@ bittersweet diary

I no longer think about you orhow you’re doing when I’m alone at night, I no longer wish you to be the one who consoles me when my world gets dark.

I no longer hope it’s you when my doorbell rings. I no longer live in the fantasy I’ve created, I decided towake up.Because it seems that the more I hold on to the possibility of us, the more I lose touch with reality.

It seems that the possibility of us is not even a possibility anymore.

Because every time I think it’s possible, you make itimpossible and every time I come close to holding you, you disappear.

When I thought about it, the possibility of us was very possible, it could’ve been real if you wanted it to be but you didn’t.

It only remained a possibility because onlyoneof us wanted to make it…

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