She is Gone

imageShe is gone.. she came at time when she was needed her most.. when she could no longer find me.. she set in, though she was nothing like me .. for she was weak and vulnerable.. but she did the best she knew how.. she allowed her mind to rest.. and she said it was okay.. she took on the role of trying to be her.. but without my strength to protect her.. she soon became weaker than she ever thought she could be.. she try to fight, to stand, to be strong like her.. but as her allowed her mind to rest.. she could only think half way at best.. so she soon became to weak to exist anymore.. she came to her with tears in eyes.. and told her I must go.. she said to her I am no longer needed for I am to weak to stand.. I have allowed a man.. to take all my power and become to weak to stand.. so she said to her with a look of despair.. you can do this it’s your turn to fight.. you think that all has been lost.. but I’ve watched you endure when some would have paid the cost.. so you must realize that it’s time for you to rise.. and not become who you use to be but better, stronger and know this you can do.. she told her it’s time to leave now.. she kiss her goodbye and disappear as she had came.. a vision of her mind never to be seen again.. she is no longer here.. she will not be missed are seldom thought of.. she came when she was needed most.. to help her regain what she thought she had lost.. herself..

Picture~black art

Original me..

5 thoughts on “She is Gone

    1. Thank you.. in order to be a great writer.. you must be open sharing your pain.. as well others pain.. and just let it flow.. it is what makes us stronger..

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