Could I have just a little more time

I just wanted to share this..


This is probably one of my most heartfelt posts. So I decided I would  share it again today. Originally posted December of last year but the emotions are still very much felt. Even now I tear up a bit as I read it. One of the things you have to understand of someone living with a chronic illness is that there are times we mourn the loss of who we once were.

I still feel as though Greg was short-changed. He didn’t sign up for this. Maybe I would feel a little different if he had been given a chance to better know the old me. Instead of almost instantly being left with the girl who is no longer a carefree active fun girl. That no longer has the strength and energy to give him the relationship and attention he deserves.

Dear Santa


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3 thoughts on “Could I have just a little more time

  1. Time is sometimes the hardest thing to hold on to, but don’t worry about what you have loss. Focus on what you can do with the time you have not the time that no longer exist. I really appreciate you sharing this. You’re an awesome person for trying to give strength to others through your pain.

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