My Day

Well it started off as normal as can be for me babies and kohen.. went for another injection in my back on my right side.. we’ll let’s just say this morning I was in tears.. my appointment was at 11:00 and they called me back on time .. but I had to lay there for 45 minutes before he came in by then I was in tears.. I still don’t know what’s going on with my upper back , neck and shoulders.. but I’m pressing on because Jesus is the reason for the season.. I’m trying to impress that on Kohen my oldest grandson.. yea the toys are great but this the day we set aside as Christ our Savior birthday.. so this year we are going to do.. “The Night Before Christmas ” and ” The Birth of Jesus.” So now it’s off to the doctor with my baby girl..

I’m running behind on emails and reading blogs but I’m but hopefully I will have time to put some reading and commenting in.. I love to comment especially when it touches my heart which is often.. Well Blogosphere wishing you a great day.. 


original me..


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