Survival Kit

imageI thank God that I can see me coming through.. Yall just don’t know it’s been along hard road.. I stayed in the valley longer than I should have.. but God didn’t give up on me, He just let me wonder around lost until I decided to return home.. that’s the great thing about God.. He said he would never leave us or forsake us and He meant it (Joshua 1:5)(Matthew 28:20)..

I felt like I would never see me again.. but the devil is a lie.. because when I hear things that come out of my mouth.. I know I’m here and I’m back in full force..

I’m learning everything happens for a reason.. I know that I have a chemical imbalance and I feel that has a lot to do with my depression which is unfortunately something that’s apart of my life..  so that I can help others.. but it was never meant for me to live in it.. does that mean I won’t have days where I will want to lock the world, family and friends out, no of course I will.. will there be days that I cried, yes.. but I will no longer ask why me God.. but instead why not me.. it’s okay to have those days but it’s how we handle them that counts..

Have a Depression Survival Kit ready

  1. Your Bible
  2. Pray your favorite scriptures
  3. Have a pick me up friend.. someone who makes you laugh..
  4. Get up wash your hair, shower, and brush your teeth..
  5. Walk to the front door open it and breathe in and out..
  6. Listen to upbeat music.. for me I love gospel rap..
  7. Eat at least one well balanced meal..
  8. Do something nice for someone else.. to take your mind off of you..
  9. Curl up in your favorite throw.. and catch up on reading blog post..
  10. Rest, regroup and know it’s okay to feel the way you do.. Tomorrow is gonna be a great day..

What are some of your depression survival tools that you use.. feel free to share them in the comment box..

Original Me..


2 thoughts on “Survival Kit

  1. Howdy Angy!

    I commend you on having the courage to share your pain and depression so publicly. It does indeed help others. I love your depression survival kit. When I realize that I’m depressed, I try to get out and have contact with friends. I, also, try to get busy, but it can be hard to do either when you don’t feel like getting off the couch. It is one reason I love being a teacher. Time spent with your students is always better.


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    1. Good morning Jack, yeah sometimes I wonder if I’m too open.. idk I just know a lot of people are hurting.. I have suffered with depression all my adult life.. but the last four years have been hell.. until I started to realize I can live in it.. or live with it.. I am a work in progress.. and it is my purpose to help others know it’s okay to be depressed.. your not alone.. together let’s talk about it before it reaches the next stage.. oh my gosh I’m sorry for this long reply.. thank you so much for comment.. stay strong..

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