Toxic Fumes

imageThis is a year to be toxic free.. I will not breath in your bad energy, your bitterness, rage, your low self esteem of me .. I will not breath toxic fumes of less than a woman in your eyes.. I will let go of every toxic fume that you have ever touched my body with.. I will not remember your toxic lips on mine are how you took what wasn’t yours.. I will remember no more the vision of you and the hope of us.. for from the the beginning your presence in my life was nothing more than Toxins.. but was just to weak to see it.. but now I stand tall as I write these finial words to you.. so this is not farewell or I wish you the best.. it is a testament of Me and how strong I can be.. it is me walking out and not looking back.. it is saying goodbye to the pain and all it’s toxic fumes..

I release all toxic fumes of you from my life.. and starting today I am free to Breath in All that is Me.. free to truly be the Original Me..

Original Me..

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