imageIt doesn’t matter who you used to be; what matters is who you decide to be today. You are not your mistake. You are not your mishap. You are not your past. You are not your wounds. 

You can decide differently today and every moment. Remember that you are offered a new opportunity with each breath to think, choose, decide and act differently in away that supports you in being all that you are capable of being. You are not less than. YOU ARE ENOUGH.”

~Trent Shelton~ motivational speaker  #rehab


Original Me..


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    I had to share this post. I absolutely love Trent Shelton because of how honest and inspiring he is. I follow him on face book and listening to him over the years has truly helped me and motovatated me to think differently or understand myself a little better. This post came at a perfect time. I was able to share it with someone close to me who is dealing with some troubles and I decided to re blog it and share it with all of you. Also please head over to and check out her blog! Xo

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