Fighting Back

imageI packed in a haste so I could leave before he got back.. I look around at what I was leaving behind the mansion on the hill, the cars, ocean views that people only dream of, money, and the fame of being the wife of one of the worlds top surgeon.. I was walking away from a life most women would die for and I thought I would too..

I from being treated like a delicate flower.. being able to hang out with the girl friends and volunteering at the hospital, seeing family on a regular basis, lunch dates with old college mates and church functions..

Everything changed so fast after the I do’s.. I went from being the love of his life .. to his prisoner in a matter of months.. I went from being adored to tortured.. my every moment was accounted for.. I had a time limit for everything I did..

I don’t know what happened I came home one day like normal after a lunch date with the girls.. and I was met at the door by him, shouting where have you been.. who is he.. I ask who is who baby, you know this is the day the girls and I go to lunch.. what is the matter with you I asked.. he looked at me and grab me by my arm and started shaking me.. screaming I know you’ve been with a man.. by this time I am crying and I ask him are you crazy.. I love you and only you.. I thought that might as settle him down.. but he just stared at me like I was lying to him..

Thats when everything changed.. and the beating began first it was a black eye.. then the choking but that wasn’t the worse part.. I think the name calling was the worse than the bruises because they went away but names lingered in my head forever..


Fighting Back Part 1

The Original Me Ann..

To Be Continued


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