Unlock Me

imageWhile encouraging others my own life is a living hell.. tormented by the things of my past and present life.. entangled in my mind bars that I can’t break free of.. a life of feeling lost while seeking  love at any cost.. running aimlessly from one person to the next, from job after job, and city after city.. trying to escape the things and people that hold me captive.. running away from everything and yet running to anything or one that could possibly hold the key to free ME.. am I to be tortured for the rest of my life here.. will I ever find the strength, the power to break free.. will I ever be able to save ME.. or will I continue to be entangled, entrapped by the bars wrapped around my mind as I look for anyone or thing that holds the key.. to unlock Me..

The Original Me Ann..


7 thoughts on “Unlock Me

  1. Not to sound trite, but having been in this place most of my life… the only person who held the key to me, was me. It really was as simple as that. A lifetime of looking for someone to unlock the door, and I had the key all along.

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    1. That is true.. This came to me at 5:30am .. I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ why are maybe I do.. but I knew I had to write it and post it.. thank you for your comment..

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