Unluck me

I thought this was a great prom to share especially if you have experienced heartbreak.. Check out Ken @ http://www.kenslitepen.wordpress.com

kens lite pen

At the first page of our story,

The pages seemed so beautiful,

But soon the days turned evil,

I endured so much till i couldn’t anymore.

I was like a beggar on the street begging for your love,

Your “i love you” ,you never meant it,

Your “yes” was your “no”

You should have made it clear to me that you never wanted this,

But you lied,

You lied and deceived me.

I wish you know what kind of pain i feel to this very day,

The kind of pain that gets to my bones,

The kind of pain that shred my heart to pieces,

I feel so humiliated,

I feel i was fooled,

Each time i hear your name,

Each time i hear your voice,

Each time i see you,

It’s like I’m drinking a class of pain

I put my whole in this relationship,

None of me…

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