Stay In The Past; Ghost Of Mine

I can feel this.. great peom..


I often see my ghost going back to yesterday
Empty promises still leading me astray?
Why is there a part of me stuck on unknown wishes?
What was the mission?
Did I even had a mission
Or was it just an old addiction?

Exasperation fills the cracks of my heart
I just want to understand that part;
Why do I continue to drift back?
What do I lack?
Why my emotions feel out of track?

There is no use in going back and forth
Does it even have any worth?
I am a different person now
Thoughts and actions; a different vow.
Seconds change into minutes and minutes into hours
I have the right to change too, I already closed the door.
Stay in the past ghost of mine
Play with the part of me that fell out of line.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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