Donald Trump Is Just A Puppet

My sentiments..

Recovering My Mind: Poetry and Rock Music


(While some of you may be angry, saddened, or disappointed at the election of Donald Trump, this is to let you know there are far bigger problems. He is just puppet in the grand scheme. I’m not pro-Trump or anti-Trump, but I am pro-truth.)

Having a second thoughts

about being American

Not talking about birthplace

or the black race

but what really

makes up this place

that we call home

where democracy reigns

what does it mean

to be free

when are lied to everyday

and we cannot see

that the “truth” poured upon us

is nothing but a lie

in every way

they say 9/11 was a tragedy

an attack on American values

I guess the white house

thought oil was more important

than all those lives that were lost

let me tell you

that the “war on terror”

doesn’t exist

it’s just a power trip

to keep you bewitched


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