Reflection 2016

imageFirst let say I did this on purpose.. I wanted to wait to the last day of the month to reflect on 2016..

As most of you know that AngyJenks no longer exist.. because it was not connected to my page.. so I changed to AnnJekins so people can find me easily.. because that’s also the name my account is under..

Now getting to the hard part 2016.. at first i didn’t see much growth in me.. still dealing with chronic depression, pain and panic attacks.. still not able to truly enjoy my grandchildren without the help of my kids.. and life in general.. I thought about how dependent I am on my children.. and how I haven’t been able to stay committed to walking even for a few minutes because of the pain..

So I said what are you gonna do about this year Ann.. and yes my nickname is Ann.. but I also have old college friends and past co-workers that call me Angy; so which ever you prefer is fine.. Getting back to what I want to accomplish in 2017.. I want to go for walks and build my legs up.. I mean I’m in pain regardless.. so why not give it a try.. I want to devote more time to studying and mediating on God’s word.. I want to of course give more time to my blog.. and networking and reaching others with encouragement and God’s words.. I hope to grow as a person and most of all I pray that I will stay away from destructive relationships.. that I will focus more on making sure I go to therapy.. and this year I will be able to truly love myself not only in words but by my actions.. I also wanna focus less on me meaning my whining and complaining and more on humanity.. 

2016 wasn’t a bad year because I’m still here.. still praying.. still fighting for me and hopefully shedding light on mental illness and a lot of other issues.. as always be blessed..

The Original Me Ann..

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