Hey Lady


I can’t get you out of my thoughts.. especially when I’m not feeling good.. I try to think of your home remedies and use them.. beyond being sick physical I’m just feeling blah grandma..

I was teaching Drea how to make Lasagna and you just popped in my head.. how you use to love my Lasagna and then you started making your own and it was good too. Drea still mad cause I can’t make that beef and rice like you.. maybe one day I will get it right.. but it will never taste like yours..

I miss you so much Lady.. How could one woman have so many grandchildren and make them all feel special.. I don’t know how you didn’t but you did.. You were a nurse, doctor, psychologist, chef ,home maker, a wife , a mother of ten and numerous grandchildren and great grand.. and you loved us all.. I miss my best friend.. I miss the one who made it all better because you said it would be.. I love you Louise with all my heart..

The Original Me Ann..


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