Set Me Free

imageSet Me Free, Set Me Free Can’t you see I’m to weak to do it on my own.. Set Me Free.. Like the cage bird let me go.. Let me fly, let me see what might be with another.. Oh please Set Me Free.. Set Me Free.. Let me run again and smile  against the embrace of the wind, the sun, then snow against my face.. Please Set Me Free.. Look into my eyes and just Please Set Me Free.. Let me hold the pencil in my hand and let the words flow free.. Set Me Free.. let me walk, jog or even run once more  to train again for the 5k.. Oh Please Set Me Free.. let me be Me once more.. to feel, to see, to taste and touch.. I’m just asking you to please just Set Me Free..

The Original Me Ann..


Just something I was feeling about chronic pain.. the pain never goes away.. but you know what we’ve got to figure out ways to cope with our pain.. not because we want “some quality of life” every time the doctor tells me that I want to scream.. but because we deserve a full happy life..


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