The Day..

I had therapy today.. which really takes a lot out of me physical the drive but mentally and emotionally is worse than I think than the drive is.. I feel so drained.. I guess because therapy was emotional.. I apologize to my therapist for crying but of course he was like get all out..

I was gonna Blog about but I just decided today.. I’m not gonna think about the pain or the therapy .. I still believe in Jehovah now more than ever.. but anyway I’m gonna rest so my head can easy off.. and so I’m just gonna read so look for comments.. I remember when I was me Ann.. I could read  books all day.. then everything changed and stop reading, writing, watch television.. I just STOPPED.. okay I said I was gonna talk about it..

The therapist ask me have I reached the GIVEN UP STAGE.. I said No.. 

The Original Me Ann..

imageHe looks like he got caught.. he’s one of the reasons I can’t give up.. Stay strong..

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