imageI was thinking about blogging.. and really what do I want to do with it.. I mean do I wanna make money.. or do I just want it to be my public journal or do I want God to show me how reach people by not only through my experiences but also through His word..

I know one the key things for this blog will be to bring mental illness awareness to the front line and humanity all around the world.. and to share the word of God as often as I can..

Now I was thinking about Facebook.. I have over 1500 friends.. but it’s hard as heck to get them to like my blog.. I know they know how to read but I don’t know what it I’m doing wrong when it comes to blogging.. I don’t think it’s me I know people support what and who they want.. with that being said I am bout ready to stop posting on there..

Now today was a good day in my opinion because I started it in my prayer room.. and I ask God to keep my mind from wondering.. I don’t wanna be concerned with the things of this world.. of course I wanna be informed but I have settled it in my heart that God is in control.. and I have decided that I’m gonna live my life in such away that He receives all the glory.. and yes there are things that happen that I don’t understand nor can I explain but I know that no sin goes unpunished..

Now for me.. l have decided to make the best of this chronic depression and pain.. I look around and I know it could be so much worse.. and I am reminding myself to take it one second at a time and to breathe.. and to remember that God said there is a time for everything.. so if I feel like crying, being sad, happy it’s okay.. I don’t believe trying to kill emotions so I can be happy all the time.. who can do that anyway.. I still have days where my bed is my best friend.. the therapist ask me if it was the pain causing the depression.. I think it has something to do with it, a lot to do with it.. but like I said I always suffered from depression but never like this.. do I feel life is over.. I don’t know.. I pray not.. Do I believe that God will heal me .. maybe but no matter what I believe in God and His Son and The Holy Spirit..

The Original Me Ann

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