Depression Sucks

It’s a gorgeous day outside the sun is shining and a gentle breeze blowing.. and yet what am I doing feeling like I’m drowning in depression.. I don’t wanna talk or be around anyone.. I hate days like these.. and it has nothing to do with my faith or anyone who has depression faith.. it just comes out of the blue.. it’s always there hiding and most days I will try to fight it.. but more days than none it over takes me.. so I have decided to just lay back down.. my back is killing me and my legs.. so all I want to do is nothing.. not even talk just left alone.. this my quality of life.. maybe the next hour will be better or maybe before the sun goes down I will make myself walk outside.. but right now I don’t have the strength to fight it..

The Original Me Ann..





5 thoughts on “Depression Sucks

    1. Where has your friendship been all my life.. I laid down and watched the Golden Girls.. and I’m just relaxing but think you so much..😊😊 It’s hard to find people who really understand me.. so thank you 😊..


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