Sometimes Happiness is found in the smallest moments..

I don’t know what I would do without them.. The oldest Kohen never wants to take pictures.. he told me I cheated but look at that smile.. and Bugg has run around naked just about all day.. and the baby Chunk Chunk is looking like he just got caught.. their dad just came and got them and their mom so my house is empty and quiet.. I miss them already..

I know first hand with depression it’s not easy and sometimes you wanna give up on life.. I still have nights that my son lays on the bed with me until I fall asleep.. days that it’s hard to fight.. but then I think what if I give up.. who’s gonna be grandma.. and with just a word make everything better well right now it’s a kiss.. so of course I gotta fight.. and everyday believe that this my day for healing..

The Original Me Ann..


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