Transformation Tips

For my Chronic Pain Suffers..

  1. Bury the words” I can’t.”
  2. Carry the words around with you ”

    I Can and I will.” 

    A) I can do this even if it’s baby steps it’s okay ..B) I will be my own Cheerleader..

  3. I will make one healthy choice.. 
  4. I will chew my food slowly and taste the different spices.. I will eat in the dinning room ( for those who live alone I will learn to enjoy my own company..
  5. I will remind myself not make friends with my food.. it’s only purpose is fuel my mind and body.
  6. I will commit to walking or some form of exercise everyday.. Walk where there are benches for you to rest walking. Sit when you feel the need to sit.. only know your body..
  7. I will exercise my mind daily..
  8. I will commit all my struggles including my health to God ..
  9.  I will change what is in my ability to change and what I can not change I will release it to God..
  10. I will not accept everything the doctor tells.. I will read, research and plan to have my Best Life.. not some sort of quality of life..
  11.  I will keep my mind alert and my body in the best shape that I am able to physically and mentally..
  12. I will not compare my life, my journey to anyone else..

Bonus: Most of all commit to wear the love of Christ everyday.. and remember loving yourself starts with YOU.. 

The Original Me Ann



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