Thoughts of us invade my mind.. even though we are old now far beyond our years of loving making.. but mind remembers a time..

A time when your lips tasted mine.. and the touch of your fingers made my spine tingle.. as we lay naked in each other arms before you made love to my body.. you first made love to my mind.. the words that you whispered in ear.. how beautiful my body was with all my battle scars of carrying three babies.. how every imperfection that I saw in me, you turned it into something beautiful..


Then as your lips touched mine.. and I ran my fingers through your hair.. as you lips move to my breast and a lite moan escapes my lips.. as I feel your manhood strong against my thigh.. my being aches for you needing you to be deep within it.. as my legs wrap high around your waist my being knows no pleasure like this.. every time seems like the first.. the first time we kissed, touched and held each other close.. the first time you took my being as wife and fifty years later.. all we can do is hold hands.. it still puts a spark in my being that craves my forever love..

The Original Me Ann..

Picture ~


6 thoughts on “INVADE

  1. Love keeps me fighting everyday even when I have to fight with the old negative patterns in my mind. Love keeps me holding on. Love prompts me to keep trying and trying and trying. Love keeps me from giving up.


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