Pastor, It’s Your Job To Feed – 7 Reasons Why…

Something to think about..



I’ve noticed an unsettling trend in the church that needs to be addressed. I’m sure I’m not the first to notice nor address it, but this is my best shot at doing the latter.

Here is the trend in question: A pastor stands at the pulpit and says something like this…”If you aren’t being fed here, don’t blame me, it’s not my job to feed you, because you should be feeding yourself.”

Then usually a guilt trip follows about how Christians who aren’t “being fed” are weak, consumerist babies and its no fault of the pastor but solely the fault of the baby Christian who is sitting in front of him, starving. I’m happy to say these words have never been uttered by my current pastor, and I’m blessed to be apart of a church that feeds me. Yet I’m burdened for the churches who I know are under this kind of leadership.

Now if your reading this and think I’m overreacting or even…

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