The Bad Girl

imageHow does one become the bad girl or person.. when all you wanna do is help but the tables always gets turned back on me..

How is that I return my almost two year old grandson home.. only to find my almost one year old grandson home alone and his seven year old brother just coming in the house at 8:00.. but yet I am the bad girl or I guess I should refer to myself as a woman..  all I could think of is how many times has she done this.. what if something had happened while she was gone..

But yet I’m the bad girl.. and how dare I mention DSS she’s a young mother and I’ve been young and I made mistakes but I never left my kids alone.. yes I was young but I was committed to my babies and being a wife.. and no I wasn’t perfect but I tried to always put my kids first..

I will not be the bad guy .. I just pray that God will bless us my estranged husband and I to be healthy enough to take care of them..

Oh yeah did I tell you that we’re working on getting back together.. but we are taking it very slow because that’s how he wants it..

I don’t understand how someone who loves like I do could be the bad girl..

The Original Me Ann

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3 thoughts on “The Bad Girl

  1. Speaking from my own experiences, you aren’t the bad one.. No one is, I know direct communication helps, like when you can see each others emotions. Just a suggestion

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      1. I appreciate your response. It could help me with my social anxiety and awkwardness. Keep calm and love -M.


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